Aggie Matyjaszek


Aggie Matyjaszek was born in a small town in Poland in 1987 but she has been living in the UK since 2006. In 2014 she achieved Bachelor of Arts at Staffordshire University and she now spends the majority of her free time painting and creating exciting new artworks. Although her favourite medium is oil, she is not afraid to experiment with other media, including ink, watercolours and sometimes even wine and coffee. Occasionally she will choose to mix media within the same piece, often with interesting outcomes!


Aggie’s work is unique and inspired by her memories, her own photography, life drawing or just simply her imagination. She incorporates these many sources of inspiration in her work to reflect her mood at any given time.

Aggie often lets the contents of her heart spill out into her paintings, as she says: “Painting for me always comes back to my emotions and my feelings. I paint what I cannot express in words.” Her mood often influences the medium, technique and subject matter of her work.

You could say that Aggie's art is just as adventurous as Aggie is herself. She loves to travel to new places and gain new experiences and each of these journeys influences Aggie's landscapes art. She discovered her love to paint en plein air after taking part in the Pintar Rapido Competition in London in 2017. Since then she relishes the opportunity to take part in competitions of this nature.

However, landscape is just one of two main subjects that the artist puts most of her time to. The other and just as important is figurative art which is always crossing Aggie's portfolio. Moreover, she regular takes part in life drawings events in her local town and is finding she can't let a week go by without creating something new.

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